"Spring Chick" by Barbara Prime FO

In case anyone's interested...the details on the little knitted chicks from yesterday's post...

Pattern: "Spring Chick" by Barbara Prime
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: Remnant Worsted
Needles: 4.0mm
Start: March 24 Finish: March 26, 2016
Modifications: None

Fantastic little pattern with clever use of shaping - especially around the chick's head and shoulders. The worsted weight yarn also yields something just the right size too.

My sister's cat "Olive" enjoys the catnip-stuffed "Bunny Nuggets" I knit for her a couple of years ago so I thought I'd knit for her again this Easter...

I only put catnip in one this time so my nephews could play games with her "nose"...

She instantly recognized the "good" one.

Then, turned her back on the whole works and set about "enjoying" the tissue and purple paper ribbon...

This project also reminded me of two things...stuffed animals get most of their personalities from the addition of "eyes"....and there is no such thing as saving a piece of felt that is too small. The little scrapes of orange felt I had stashed among bigger pieces were still much more than I needed to finish these off.

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