So Sew?

Yup, I've been sewing! ('knitting too of course - more on that later.)

I've been thinking about sewing again for a while after seeing many fantastic home sewn wardrobes - that can really show off the hand knits - there's gobs of them on Instagram and Kollabra.

"Reminds me of the early 2000's when the knitting explosion blew through the internet but today, these "Slow Fashion" enthusiasts are diving in and also sewing stuff to go with their knitted pieces.

They're stitching tops, shirts, skirts, dresses, shorts and even jeans, lined jackets and lingerie. Some make shoes for themselves!

So, so much to be learned from the Millennials I'll tell ya!

Anyway, my own Millennial Darling Daughter recently came home with yardage of soft pink broadcloth for a dress she'll wear in a wedding this summer so I talked her into letting me make the muslin version to nail down fit/size/style before she hands it over to a dressmaker.

(I'm secretly hoping to sew the finished product and save her the hundreds of dollars it will cost to have it professionally made but I won't float that notion until we have success with this phase first!)

She agreed and since the Bride-to-be will be in town over Easter for a dress fitting of her own we're aiming to have something ready to model for her when she's here.

Is sewing something for myself in the cards? Maybe. First I've got a muslin to finish and I'm having great fun diving into a basket of CO-ready knitting "kits" I assembled 10 days ago while avoiding the two sweaters-in-progress I should be attending to.
Finally landed on an edging Darling Daughter is happy with on the little hand stitched lunch sack I made for her birthday. Not super exciting from a stitching point of view but she's happy with it so we'll call this one "done".

I'm hoping the two little knit projects I finished last week/blocked yesterday and the one to be bound off tonight get me back in the mood for some sweater knitting.

I'll let you know how that goes! Thanks so much for dropping by!

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Brendaknits said...

Ilove the lunch bag.. beats the flour bag I used to use. I used to sew a lot, but not having done it for quite some time, I can't seem to figure out what size pattern I would use.