Good Weekend...

Ours extending through yesterday. Just the three of us, so a bit weird, but we kept ourselves amused.

'Saw a movie - "Eye in the Sky" - really well done.

Accomplished a surprising amount of knitting - among the projects - some fun little Chicks...

'Cannot stand how quick and cute these turned out to be!

'Put in three solid days of cooking/baking.

It was a full on Martha Easter here.  

Her early stuff really is soooo complicated but special efforts for special occasions...this round my hands down favourites...

Hot Cross Buns - Martha Stewart Living 1998 - beyond "yum"!
With Easter weekend behind us, the clocks "sprung" forward, Spring officially underway I'm manic to finish up "winter" knitting around here.

 (Also seriously need to address the backlog of unblogged FO's, some from as far back to last spring?!)


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Steven said...

My, those hot cross buns have my mouth watering. Bake on, Martha!