Save a Little Time, Spend a Little Time

Darling Daughter's birthday was earlier this week and I made her a stash of healthy, grab and go, Breakfast Bars

In other words - extra time in the morning for her to sleep/get ready rather than prep/eat food as she can just take these with her in the car.

I made a sample batch, pledging to tweek the recipe to her taste then keep her in an ongoing supply.

A bento lunch bag was my idea for wrapping the bars up for giving and I had some natural linen on hand I'd cut off curtains I recently hung in the living and dining rooms.

Off to YouTube I went and found 7 minutes of clear, concise instruction. (The lack of English doesn't even matter!) How do you like the way she sews that thing up?  'Talk about saving time - I couldn't get the machine out in the time that woman takes to stitch her sample to completion. I tried the same approach and it really was quick without hauling out the machine.)

Once Darling Daughter confirmed she liked/would use the bag I started working a decorative hemmed edge around the opening. No sense wasting time on something she didn't really see a use for.

While she likes the bag - she's not so keen on the boxy hem stitch so I'll have to try something else.

Btw I think the cake I made for her is the ultimate Birthday Cake - Jamie Oliver's Hummingbird Cake. Jamie suggests you "bake this thing and get it in your gob".

Good Advice! Great Cake!

The batter contains multiple bananas a can of crushed pinapple and pecans, the cream cheese icing features lime juice and zest but I'd describe the flavour as "Cake"!

I make a lot of cakes and this one, although not much to look at, is the most delicious, well received I've ever served. It's somehow simultaneously, light and tender yet decadent. Just look above at how those big clumps of cake are hanging off the cut edge despite how super moist and lux the thing is.

A word of warning though - if you're thinking of trying this one and getting it in your "gob", take your time - it doesn't look fancy but this one demands care at every step.

I probably spent the time I saved making the Bento Bag baking the cake but sooooo worth it - just look at the smile on the birthday girl's face!

All of it took time away from cabling...



Lorraine said...

That cake looks amazing- I love anything with lime juice in it.

Happy Birthday to your DD!

Needles said...

The cake looks delicious and the bag...well that is simply amazing.

Anonymous said...

do you take commissions for those linen bags?
really elegant!