Post Op Post

On the flip side of the little surgery yesterday that I'd been dreading for the longest time, today I'm back at home with mindless knitting...

Quite comfortable, thanks to My Beloved working from home today keeping an eye on me/wearing his nursing "hat", the marvels of modern pharmaceuticals, the wonders of icing and deep breathing/coughing exercises to clear my lungs of residual anaesthesia.

I've even got a yummy selection of Post Op Food I prepared earlier in the week.

Now we're just back from a little toddle down the street I took on My Beloved's arm.

After getting that cold fresh air into my lungs we're now a comfy threesome in front of the fire as Hudson naps, My Beloved works on his laptop and I knit and doze.

'Hard to remember what I was so worried about.

Have a great weekend...if this keeps up I sure will!


LynS said...

So pleased to hear that all is going well.

Anonymous said...

Glad all went well and you are feeling better!
Welcome back