"Arched Gusset Mittens" from Purl Soho FO

Pattern: Arched Gusset Mittens by Purl Soho
Yarn: Galway Heather,  Galway Worsted, Rowan Cocoon, Muskoka Aran Farm Yarn, Stoddart Farm Mohair/Wool, Berroco Vintage
Needles:3.75mm, 4mm
Start: October 10 Finish: December 23
Modifications: Various Minor - see below

Occasionally its fun to take a pattern and play around with it a bit.

This one's like eating peanuts - you just want one more, then one more after that -  I didn't lose interest after the first mitten, or in this case, even after the 14th - 'just got more and more interested in the thing.

Either side of  that lovely arching gusset echoing the thumb it accommodates - are three "chunks" just ready to be modified...
  • The cast on/lower edge - I did use the straight knitting version for a rolled edge but I favour the 2-row 1x1 ribbing pictured here.
  • The length of the cuff between cast on and start of the gusset - I made one pair super short to work with a specific jacket - these I worked a bit longer and others exactly as written.
  • The distance between the setting of thumb stitches on holders and beginning of shaping for the fingers is also ripe for mods depending on the hand you are trying to fit/the use of the mitten. (I made one pair particularly long and thin so they would work as liners for other mitts.

I've posted pics of all the various treatments in my previous Year End Tally post as well as my Ravelry page so for clarity - here today just these, my favourite version in Rowan Cocoon on super small-for-the-yarn needles - 3.75mm (instead of 7mm)

The yarn is gorgeous - silky, bulky, soft with a wee halo. Knit tightly in this pattern it created something at once utilitarian (warm and pretty wind resistant for a single-layer stockinette mitt) but also lux.

 In the creamy colourway, I think its a go-with-anything classic...

And speaking of Classics, one I'm less than keen to revisit but I'm doing so anyway...

The tubular cast was too loose on the first go-around.  I decided on the second to use a long tail cast on instead and it leaves the 2x2 ribbing crisp looking - better with the cables flowing "out" of the waist band I think so I'll redo the first one.

Not going to redo the uncrossed cable I just noticed - at least not by dropping down through the knitting. I haven't got the time.  I may make a quicker "snip-snip re-cross reattach" attempt later but for now its staying the way it is.

Off  to cast on another waist band/contemplate how far to go before I do the arm hole shaping. Thanks for dropping by!


Anonymous said...

I really want to try knitting these mittens this winter.
Thanks for the noted and photos - very helpful!

Anonymous said...

oops that was me being overly anonymous