Darling Daughter's First Knit FO

Its done!

'Posting this as "Coach" rather than knitter...
This baby will be leaving on a jet plane. 'Must admit I'll likely miss it when its gone!

Pattern: Alberta by Jared Flood
Yarn: Cascade Eco Wool and Noro
Needles: 5mm
Start: September 5 Finish: October 5, 2015
Mods: None

The beginner's 1x1 rib was helped immensely by threading blocking wires under each knit column/over each purl ditch during blocking.
The knitting is all hers but Darling Daughter insists coaching made a big difference in making this FO happen quickly and pretty painlessly too because basic knitting is really quite simple and I pointed her towards a pattern than was almost exclusively knitting in a straight line and a yarn that was forgiving of dropped stitches.

She did a great job carrying yarn up at the start of round - not a pucker or loose length in sight!

DD didn't have to waste time fixing things or ripping back because I was there to quickly right wrongs/clarify written instructions and abbreviations.
Double Crochet Steek Reinforcement makes a gorgeous finished edge inside.
Just a few shaping rounds in the whole vest makes this a great pattern for a beginner

She listened when I encouraged her to invest in good quality materials and take care finishing and blocking. These things, are not evident to a new knitter but make such a difference to the finished product and so, I assume, to the satisfaction with the whole experience.

I must say as I look at the vest this morning I'm struck by how beautifully the yarns work together post blocking. The fabric has a nice, solid drape to it. It feels surprisingly rich rather than fluffy and light after its bath. Quite masculine I think. How apt.

Now, all that remains is a cross-Atlantic flight, a few days in Amsterdam followed by a quick stop in London before DD hops a train to Yorkshire to finally reciprocate the lovely bookends she received last spring. Only THEN we will find out if it fits!!!!!

Nightmare Tubular Cast On (turned out quite well after a rocky start - way too challenging for a first timer!)
Speaking of "Fit" we arrived at the size DD knit by examining photos of the young recipient sitting in chairs at our cottage that we could actually measure for scale. Calculations were done from there. I've told her if the thing is a bit too short/long/tight/loose to note the issues with a tape measure and bring it back for re-blocking. No doubt there's lots of room for tweeking the fit with another dip in Eucalan and water.

If that happens Number One Son will be home for Christmas and can take it back to the UK with him at the New Year. We won't be putting this one in the mail if I can help it - can you imagine the heartbreak if it went missing?

So another knitting adventure comes to a close. Only time will tell if Darling Daughter ever picks up yarn and needles again but I feel sure if she wants to she will do so with confidence and more than a bit of experience under her belt.

As for me, I'm taking off my "Coaching Hat" so the knitter in me can consider an "Alberta" for my own project basket!


Anonymous said...

Wow I am really impressed - what a great result.
Congrats all around!
p.s. I may want to book the same coach when I want to tackle an adult sweater - even for remote advice!

Lorraine said...

Very successful, I really like it. She did such a neat job.

Needles said...

I love the stripes and I can see the coaching in the finishing work. Well done!

Brendaknits said...

Great vest. DD had a great coach. What a difference that makes to the beginner knitter.

Steven said...

Absolutely beautiful. She did such a great job -- and steeking as well! Love the variation between solid and variegated stripes.

pinkelstar.com said...

Congratulations! You did a wonderful coaching work! And be careful, as soon your daughter can overcome you in knitting:)