A Big Day

'Got Word
The Vest
 Fits Perfectly!
(No photo evidence yet but received a text from Darling Daughter in Yorkshire with 5 thumbs up - what a relief!)


Most Importantly - If you're Canadian - please, please, please, if you haven't already done so, make sure you vote today!

Btw, Steven Harper's own lawyer in the PMO, Benjamin Perrin, said yesterday,  he felt no other choice but to abandon his lifelong Conservative vote because... 

"based on what (he's) personally seen and experienced...the current government has lost its moral authority to govern."

I don't know what's more telling, that statement or the fact Mr. Harper spent time in these last crucial days before the election here in Toronto with Rob Ford!

...just sayin'.


Lorraine said...

Yeah, that kind of says it all. An endorsement from the Fords.

Needles said...

Any governing party in power too long goes bad. Too many people get set in their ways.

Anonymous said...

Three cheers that the vest fits!
I hope a photo is to follow.

I am so anxious about this election!
I could really use some good news.