All Ready to Cut!

Just look how nicely the double crochet steek reinforcement technique (from Kate Davie's blog) looks on Darling Daughter's Alberta Vest!

How fun that she used three different colours to do it!

I can't think about steeks without remembering when the Sheriff of Knittingham came to speak at the DKC and as she was speaking she strode over to a magnificent stranded sweater displayed on a dress form and just started cutting unreinforced steeks and how I, along with the 100-odd other knitters in the room, all gasped as one.

I'd told that tale around the dinner table here at home the next night and none of them, Darling Daughter included, really "got" what the gasping was about.

Now that DD is getting ready to cut her own knitting though, I revisited the story with her last night and boy I got a reaction out of her this time!

Tonight, we will attempt to channel the Sheriff and cut - reinforcements in place but none the less - CUT!

Wish us luck Lorrain!


Brendaknits said...

My first time using the crocheted steek was on EZ's 50th Anniversary Cardigan. I really like it. It is much tidier than the sew and cut version. There are no loose ends to deal with post steeking. Good luck to DD with her first attempt.

Steven said...

I'm sure it will go fine. I'm excited for you and DD. Good luck! (And I really like the colors of the strips in that sweater!)

Anonymous said...

Really impressed at your daughter's knitting attention to detail and bravery about the steek.
It looks like it is going to be a great garment.
I look forward to seeing a photo of the finished product.

Lorraine said...

LOL! I'm with ya!