May's Perfect Combination

Three weeks jam-crammed with activity and mindless rounds of go anywhere stockinette - an ideal pairing of knitting and life!

My 40" "Elmont"-styled EZ seamless raglan has many miles on it since casting on three weeks ago.

First there was to and from the cottage for the opening at the first of the month...

 and then a second lovely weekend just past...

Between cottage jaunts, a trip to New York City for a fun few days with my aunt to catch a series of wildly successful events featuring my (pseudo-sibling) cousin's art. The need to kind of "save our strength" for the art events meant we stayed in town and minimized our tourist activites so we enjoyed knitting time before, between and after the scheduled activities with Pseudo-Sib and his family. Then there were the hours spent in airports. Honestly I do not know how non knitters remain sane while travelling!

Things have also been hoppin' in the house...

..."Excavating" a large poodle from his winter "wear", (A two day affair)

Delivery of some furniture ordered back in the midst of the desperately cold winter. I'd almost forgotten we bought the stuff. Of course new pieces arriving means others have to depart! Followed closely thereafter with a feeling of "wow that looks so much nicer we should really also upgrade the 10 other things surrounding it" syndrome.

Then there's been the usual seasonal work on the garden, the house and the wardrobe and our family cluster of birthdays to celebrate. Lots of to-ing and fro-ing to sort it all out, after each day of which its been wonderful to indulge in a bit of easy knitting.

While easy knitting isn't always what I want the roughly 30,000 stitches contained in the body between hem and underarms may well have driven me crazy were I not simultaneously enjoying the distractions of a busy month.

Especially so after working the re purposed Aran yarn so quickly into the (still- to-be photographed) seamless yoke in April. Beside that project this knit is sub-snail's pace. Without the benefit of markers tracking increases and decreases I'd be hard pressed to detect any day to day progress.

With another week to go in the month and a fair amount still planned to jam into it, I've finished the body knitting up to the underarms, have worked out the details for the sleeves and cast on a relatively scant 52 stitches for sleeve one. I'm hoping, in comparison to the body, the sleeves will seem to fly into completion!

Today I've got window washing to do - I'd better "fly" off and get that started. Thanks for dropping by!