Uniting body and sleeves on one long needle...
 'Takes more tools than you think!
'Couldn't believe how many times I had to reach down into my basket for gadgets to get this done.
After running back upstairs to retrieve my glasses.

(I've only had glasses for about 4 years now - 'Hope I'll get used to it soon!)

Anyway 'looking forward to more long stockinette rounds on the horizon then the decrease rounds that finishing a bottom up seamless yoke sweater like this feel like running downhill.

Thanks for dropping by today!


Steven said...

Running downhill -- it's exactly like that! And the glasses. I've been using them about four years now, too. And they are NEVER where you need them...

Lorraine said...

Marie- Gorgrous- you're in the home stretch.

I have moved on to progressives- but I do have readers pretty much everywhere in the house.