The Knitting World is My Oyster

The seamless yoke is drying on the blocking board.

I haven't a WIP - even a long languishing one tucked anywhere.

Save yarn for a couple of pairs of socks there isn't a project's worth of yarn in this house.

I've a couple of things in the queue but nothing super compelling and I don't have an idea or a need or a long loved pattern for which I must source appropriate yarn.

I got zip, nada, an "echo" in the project basket.

I do have the Toronto Knitter's Guild Frolic coming up this Saturday.

I've a printed copy of the vendor's list/floor plan and a mind to strategically plan my "attack"

'Just need "targets" to 'better understand what I'm hunting for.

Off to Ravelry with my tea I go!


Steven said...

Sometimes, it's nice not to have a plan. I bet the Frolic will set your knitting mind on fire, though!

Needles said...

Knitter's Frolic comes at just the right time of year!

Anonymous said...

I hope it is something else for yourself!
I like watching your sweater progress and prowess.
see you there