Stupid. Me.

Seamless Yoke grew significantly after blocking. Without schematic measurements to aim for, I focused on getting a bit of extra width when pinning it out as well as easing the yoke out sideways to eradicate a bit of puckering around the decreases rounds.

I realize now I was thinking "wool", without giving the other fibres in this yarn their due, and so taking that extra width (I wanted two inches) would naturally bring the length up.

I dismissed the potential affect of the 10% silk and 5% cashmere in this yarn, neither of which, of course, favour full wet blocking.

Sooo now I've got a top, that aside from having a lovely neckline,  has effectively lost all style and shape.

Its hammered home what a magical, forgiving fibre wool is. I just hope at 85% of this garment it has the power to pull and hold those other fibers back in line once I put them where I want them to be!

Having read and re-read my go-to quick blocking resource on Knitty here and plan to start with a light spritzing, followed by steam, a cup of coffee and patience. ("Coffee" isn't in the Knitty article but it'll help with the "patience".)

If steam isn't enough I'll work the spray bottle some more. I'll put a small fan on it to speed up drying so I can see if what I'm doing in working before coffee-fueled patience has to give over to the wine fueled variety.

Full immersion will be my last resort. Wish me luck!


Brendaknits said...

I'm behind on my blog reading. I love your EZ sweater. I thought you could have stopped prior to the brutal decreases if desired. It looked go on you evven then. I'm not at the Frolic this year. It is always the same weekend as the local Jazz Festival and the music won this year.

Needles said...

I am sending prayers to the blocking genie's for you.