Sleeve Length

I'm only just becoming aware how sleeve length can impact a sweater's proportion.

Recent successes have taught me how narrow, straight sleeves balance generous positive ease through the body but I never considered how their length came into play. Until now.

As I prepare to join sleeves and body for my EZ seamless yoke, again using a narrow sleeve shape I'm concerned with how long they should be.

The body is boxy with a wee, wee bit of positive ease across the bust. Its planned to hit at my hip bones with the overall impression being casual and a bit boyish.

...I'm feeling like sleeves and sweater being the same length might be a bit too boyish.

...3/4 sleeves,  ending just where the waist will not be evident, I think might be a bit too boxy.

...My intention to wear this sweater in spring and early fall makes a full length sleeve outside what I'm going for and might also make the sweater, in comparison, feel as though its verging on being cropped - a look I think is too young and trendy for me at the moment.

So I'm leaning towards a bracelet length that will hit my wrist bone.

I should finish this last sleeve tonight over the course of my trip down to hear Fiona Ellis speak at the Toronto Knitter's Guild. So by tomorrow I'll be done worrying about sleeve length and on to wondering about the collar!


Brendaknits said...

Great thought process. Let us know how it works out.

Lorraine said...

Marie- This is a personal thing, and as you are adapting things to fit yourself, you become aware that your arms may or may not fit the standard.

I don't like sleeve cuffs getting in the way, so arms are shorter, but body length is longer than usual.

You become aware of assets/faults in your physiognomy very quickly.