St. Patrick's Day Green

'Finished this project a month ago and still waiting on help with pics from Darling Daughter so time to forget that and move on to posting.

To recap, first I wanted to address the terrible job I did seaming this the first time so I took out all the stitching holding it together and re-did it properly...

Much better!

Next I considered the collar. The original  was much too tight. ('Knit separately from the sweater and then sewed it on as a tube. Fancy eh?). To renovate it I picked up and re knit it with sufficient ease to avoid  grating skin off my face as I pull it over my head. I must say this makes a nice change.

I also opted for an crew neck collar.

Of course with no shaping on the front or back for collar or neck line it does ride a bit high but I didn't want to mess with the original front and back panels knit with a straight top edge. I had to remind myself I was renovating not reinventing.

Nonetheless I did want to inject something of myself as the knitter I am today into it so I turned the 1x1 ribbed collar inward following a single purl row , changed yarns to a Briggs and Little Wool remnant then sewed the live edge down.

All in all a gratifying and productive project I'm glad I undertook, especially today when its so fun to have something green to reach for and wear!

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

Isn't it nice to see our improved and improving skills?

Needles said...

Love love love this!

Steven said...

Very creative fixes!