Meanwhile On Other Knitting Fronts

Bottle Green's Renovation is finished, ready for Darling Daughter to help me take photos this weekend.

The repurposed yarn project continues to crawl along with winding the washed and dried skeins into balls and working out the math for a yoke pullover.

The baby for whom recent infant-knits have been produced will be entering the world via C-section today. (Yup 'being born on Friday the 13th!). I'll affix buttons as soon as I learn the gender, take finished pictures and wrap it up this afternoon.

In other words I've nothing to actually knit over the weekend.  With the windchill factored in, the forecast is for temps in the -25 to -30 Celsius range. It would just be wrong not to knit by the fire (or in a sunbeam if we're lucky enough to have any of those) in that kind of weather. I've got to cast on for something and I happen to have a couple of delicious new projects waiting in the queue!

Both are in the intriguing new (to me) yarns I received for Christmas. When the non-knitters I know give me yarn I want to use it quickly to show them I like and value it. 'Not sure they understand They the notion of something "marinating in the stash" awaiting just the perfect project.

So I've been puzzling about how to use them for weeks now and think I've arrived at a couple of good solutions.

I've decided I'm going to combine the Orkney Angora Number One Son bought at Loop of London with some Rowan Baby Merino Silk dk in this beautiful, soft colourway called "Dawn". I'll knit them up in these mittens from DROPS designs.

Soft colours for soft yarns - I think they just go together so nicely.

The second project, one that's been stumping me for months since Darling Daughter brought some Shetland wool home for me from Edinburgh, There's too much yarn for one pair of mittens or a hat, not enough colours for a full on colourwork piece - especially with no contrast colours...hmmm.

 Finally I decided to drop one of the three colours from consideration.

I'm going to keep this beautiful yellow that has wee hits of grey, bright yellow, orange, blue and green and maybe even some lavender in there for something on its own or paired with one of the colours from within the yarn.

Then I'll combine the brown and khaki green in a shawl - specifically the Travelling Shawl by Veronik Avery (Knitting 24/7).  The plan is to use the brown as the central colour and the green in the garter stitch edging.

Only question left is what to cast on first. What a wonderful problem to have heading into a frigid Toronto weekend in February!


Needles said...

I love your choices. It looks like such great yarn. Which makes me think of some very nice yarn a friend brought from her trip to London. Hmm, sock yarn fest or new project? Time will tell!

Anonymous said...

Oh I am quite tempted by those long mittens as well!
I hope you had a productive weekend!
Lisa R-R