I Feel A Yoke Coming On

Renovating Bottle Green had me casting about with a fresh eye on under-loved knits lurking in the shadows around here.

But when I noted the sweater quantities of yarn in the house were already knit up into sweaters I forgot tweeking and started hunting something to totally frog.

This piece saw a lot of wear  a few years ago despite the fact I was always bothered by the wavy front edges.
 And the too-wide neckline after the garter stretched out...

Eventually I stabilized the wavy edge by adding a contrasting line of crochet/matching button loops and attached matching grey buttons to make the whole look more neutral.

 An inverted dart at the centre back took up some of the slack and improved the fit.

So I wore it a few more times after that but I think I'm done with it now.

Yet I still I love the yarn and I've a couple of unused balls I can swatch up before I'd have to rip. As for what I've in mind to swatch for, I've been feeling a yoke coming on for a while. It started when I saw "Trillium" by Michelle Wang, based on EZ's seamless yoke formula from Knitting Without Tears.

"Gable" by Hannah Fettig - a seamless yoke pullover also caught my eye.

My yarn is Aran weight - heavier than what's used in either of those designs but I could start by seeing what a swatch of it has to "say" knit up in stockinette at a loose-ish gauge while aiming, with EZ's guidance, to work up my own idea.

The Baker Street hat is blocking and I couldn't be more pleased with how that turned out so I'm feeling smug or to put a finer point on it, ready for a proper project to smack me back into my place.

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Brendaknits said...

Trillium is lovely but I think I would move the decorative bit up a notch. Seems too close to the headlights to be perfect.