Tomten Coat/Yarn Love

First of all - this Yarn! Fantastic!  Big! Round! "Meaty" and with bona fide sheepiness scent too yet easy on the hands to knit.

There are 5 undyed colourways available in this yarn - my choice this time being "Steel Grey Suffolk 954" and as you can see it looks so rich against brown but then look at it on a cream background and the white in it pops calling the Grey in there to the forefront along with it.

Knit up in garter stitch there's no stiffness, it feels substantial but also light and easy on the hands. It will be cozy and easy to wrap around a new baby despite the thickness of the garter fabric.

Its still in need of buttons - I'm hoping whatever I get will be able to infer gender while also being of a naturally occurring material (Mother of Pearl, Wood, Horn?) to best compliment the wool yarn.

Of course the pattern is genius - I'll likely gush further on that aspect in my FO post once the buttons are on and I'm ready to wrap it up and send it off to the new parents.  Baby is still almost a month from due date so I've got time to also toy with lining it in flannel - maybe something with a cute print if I can find some.

This being the third Tomten I've worked up and modified I'm amazed I'm still intrigued by the pattern's possibilitites. 'Not sure how much of that is prompted by how this particular yarn/pattern combination has come together. There is such satisfaction when all the elements "click" isn't there?

Meanwhile I've been working on little hats to include in this new baby package - more on that tomorrow!

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