I Forgot to Show You This!

My Aunt made me this adorable hat last month!

We had such fun, she dropped in with the finished hat and a fresh ball of Malabrigo Rasta for working up a huge pompom. (Love how the dye doesn't penetrate the dense single ply yarn all the way to the centre of the strand so when you cut the ends of the pompom you get a mottled look keeping the hat from feeling too precious.

Its no exaggeration to say we were in a frenzy from the moment she took off her coat to get a great, dense 5" beast of a pompom whipped up and sewn on so we could see how it looked. (Like I said, I think it looks adorable and boy is it warm too!)

Then, as quickly as she arrived she was off again - part of the twirling whirl that was early December around here.

Thank you Aunt P!


Lorraine said...

Marie-fantastic! What a great hat.

Steven said...

That is a serious pompom! Love that last pic.

Brendaknits said...

What a great hat. You'll bring smiles to all who see you.

Needles said...

I am not much of a pompom person, but I have to admit, I could do this pompom, because it isn't a pompom, it's a POMPOm!!!!!!!