Fingerless Gloves for my Boy in London FO

Pattern: Improvised based on "Maize" by tincanknits
Source: Free Ravelry Download
Yarn: Berroco Ultra Alpaca Worsted
Colour: Charcoal Lot:2K0620
Source: Eweknit Toronto
Needles: 4mm dpn's
Start: December 17 Finish :December 21, 2014
Modifications: Used pattern as basis for plain, unadorned finger less mitts

Once again using Ultra Alpaca, this time for Number One son and a pair of finger less mitts. In this aptly named Charcoal colourway and without any embellishment save ribbing, a very different kind of project from the mittens I posted yesterday but again this yarn doesn't disappoint. Cozy and warm without being too soft or fuzzy to suit a young guy or the Oliver Twist aesthetic I was shooting for.

I've been privately fretting about Number One Son's reluctance to take bona fide winter clothing with him to London. I appreciate that today's forecast here features bone numbing cold whereas London will just be drizzly cool but still I want to imagine him "cozy" not "chilly".

So I took a slight risk at Christmas and knit him something there was a good chance he wouldn't actually want - a wee small project so a wee small risk but it paid off. He really liked them!

They have a 3x1 ribbed cuff, a thumb gore, are topped with 2x1 ribbing around finger and thumb holes and both mitts work for either hand.

They'll keep the pulse points at the wrists warm while still allowing those thumbs to fly across a touch screen keyboard. I think he just might wear them! He did while he was still here in our mild weather last week which bodes well and makes this knitting mother feel better too!

Tomorrow I'll post about the cowl I knit to accompany these ('Aiming for those pulse points at the neck too I was!)

'Hope to "see" you then! 

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Brendaknits said...

Great mittlets. How those young men love grey! The Ultra Alpaca should be warmer than just wool, so I think he will be OK, Mom.