A Subconscious Knitter?

Hawser has oh-so-trendy dropped shoulders structured in an oh-so-clever way so as to avoid bunching under the arms.

When you divide front from back in this knit-in-the-round pullover and would normally be decreasing stitches away, to create armhole shaping you instead add stitches, making a bit of a capped sleeve carrying the pattern from the sweater body over and down past the shoulder.

Then when you separate the sides of the front to begin shaping the neck you keep on adding at that armhole edge.

You cast off a bunch at the neck but your stitch count doesn't change or, in fact it increases because of those little caps right when you typically enjoy a shorter and shorter row on a bottom up sweater.

I had to force myself not to automatically think "decreasing now" because just having that idea in my brain somehow magically moved from there to my hands and the needles in them. It was an effort to read what was there and not subconsciously substitute a decrease of, say 2 sts where an increase of 2 sts was actually indicated.

The weirdness is over now, the sweater body is done with lessons learned and insights gained. Wet blocking is underway.

Sleeve One was done, and quickly too before Christmas. The mindless stockinette rounds flew off the circ. with perfect stitch gauge.
Not so perfect row gauge though. 'Tried it on last night to find it's waaaaaay too long.

Not a "weird" error, this. More just a stupid one!

(Yesterday Brenda observed in the comments that my Romni trip hadn't featured a purchase in my go-to "neutral" Red. After putting this post together today I think its possible the "Red-loving" centre in my brain may be currently satiated given the 4+ solid weeks of knitting I've put into this oh-so-red piece since casting on in November.)