A Colour Vacation in January!

Yarn shopping last weekend was for a list of projects, none of which were particularly tied to gauge or fibre content. So I shopped colour!

I wove my way through Romni's aisles thinking of one project at a time and when I saw a colour that appealed to me I put in my basket. I worked out what I would keep versus discard for that project then I did it again for the next planned knit.

It was a thoroughly engrossing creative exercise rather than a mathematical hunt for gauge. Fun! I came out of the shop feeling like I'd been on a little yarn vacation, complete with "souvenirs" to bring home!

Here's what I got...

Rowan Pure Life British Sheep Breeds Chunky - 'Plan to try this out on a Tomten jacket. Its a bit of an odd choice for a baby but my hope is to produce something more sleeping bag than garment. Then as baby grows towards the spring and even fall it might work as a sweater-coat.

Drops Lima Alpaca/Wool DK -  a hat to go with the TomTen - again a heavy weight for such a task. We'll see how it goes but I cannot stand how fantastic the colour of this stuff is with the Pure Life yarn!

(I pulled out a couple of options for straight up blue or pink hats from my remnants in case the wheels fall of this idea.)

El Cheapo Acrylic/Wool blend from Romni's basement - A toy for said baby. This one to be precise. The dog looks just like theirs!

Rowan Kid Classic Mohair/Wool Aran - A hat for me. This one. It will be either fabulous (because the yarn is!) or awful (If the hat doesn't suit me). I'll keep you posted.

Once home I set about nailing down the patterns, making copies where necessary and collecting needles and project bags for each. Honestly it took hours but again, fully engaged in the process it was entirely enjoyable.

Now all I have to do is finish Hawser which, in reality is coming along nicely but in my head, with all these fun new projects ready to go, feels like its crawling along.

I know you know what I mean!


Steven said...

Creating bags for projects ahead of time -- such planning! I don't think I could ever do that. Or could I? That dog is gonna be darlin'.

Brendaknits said...

Sounds like such a fun time at Romni. Very un-coloured colours though. Not much red there. 😊

Needles said...

That sounds like a wonderful way to do it. I should do this in my stash!