This week I'm continuing to strive for a "Chill" Christmas with the help and "oversight" of our in-house Christmas "Angel".

He's incapable of malice, ever sweet and loving, ("dresses" in "white"!) and keeps me mindful of what really matters...being together, enjoying our dinner (even if its kibble!) and whatever's on that To Do List and no matter the weather, making sure we get out and enjoy a big long walk twice every day!

Appreciating the food we are lucky to be able to enjoy and making sure to get our exercise are fairly straightforward if sometimes elusive goals over the Holidays.

"Together" can be a little more tricky. "Together" needn't only mean those we can see and touch. After all traditions and their place in our memories are a big part of feeling together but are naturally crammed with people and events that once defined the season for us but that, for whatever reason, are no more. So I feel I need to focus on a broader sense of what "Together" might mean right now.

For example, its not that its only the four of us for Christmas. Rather this year "Together" means Number One Son is home from England and we have him all to ourselves on the 25th.

Together is also manifesting itself in opening up the Christmas preparations to my 20-something compatriots - both in how they can help me and how I can help them. (And of course there are the mittens I got the go-ahead to make!)

Today all my finished knits are soaking together pre-blocking - I'll post about those next week!)

On the 26th at my in law's big family bash, "together" will include someone new "attending" within their mother's belly. We won't be able to see or hold that wee little one but they'll hear us and sense pregnant mom's feelings about the whole thing!

And we'll be "Together" with my family most recently in our memories of last year in Manhattan. On Christmas Eve, while we were there the safe arrival of miraculous identical twins (now happy one year olds) occurred.  Their existence defied parental age, injury and cancer, their gestation overcame extremely high risks and they handily overcame the challenges of prematurity to expand my close Cousin's offspring from 3 to 5 in one big jump. (Hudson artwork featured above courtesy of same Cousin!)

So the idea of "together", in all its various manifestations, is my particular focus this week. If I loose sight of it in the melee of my mind Hudson's contented sighs from the floor between us is a potent reminder.

I hope this next week is wonderful for you - wherever you are and whoever you are with or remembering!

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Lorraine said...

Marie- Dogs do have alot to teach us.

Have a wonderful holiday, and enjoy being together.