Thoughts of "The Harvest" Running Through My Mind

As I'm picking out the cuffs and collar of "Shearer" harvesting yarn enough to finish my "Devlan-made-of-remnants" two thoughts keep running through my head...

"Am I really doing this? 
Partially dismantling this knit, over which I slaved and that I finished less than a year ago?"


Isn't knitting just the best that it allows for adjusting and improving one garment while making it possible to complete another!

I'm also quite pleased with the results on the first cuff. I played with it a bit, decreasing to a single purl stitch between the K2's of the cables while leaving pairs of purls to separate them. I think the result is more elegant than the boxier original 2x2 ribbing.

Good thing too because I need something positive to focus on as I still don't know if I'm gaining enough yardage for Devlan and trying to knit with my fingers crossed messes up my gauge! ;)

Have a great weekend. Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

That sweater is an incredible accomplishment! Good luck and have fun with the adjustments! Have a wonderful weekend!

Lorraine said...

You're just re-doing the cuffs? I couldn't - nope.

You are brave.