Rainbow Olympics "Nethergarments" by Elizabeth Zimmerman FO

Pattern: "Nethergarments" by Elizabeth Zimmerman
Source: Knitter's Almanac
Yarn: Assorted Worsted Remnants
Needles: 4 mm
Start: February 8 Finish: September 22, 2014

Stripes! Colours! Remnants! All fun gauge-based knitting according to simple length/circumference measurements all through the Russian Olympics right up until I hit the shaping for the hips and waist. The striping stopped and the frequent exercise of taking the thing off the circular, putting it onto string, trying it on, taking measurements, doing calculations, putting it back on the circ...blah, blah blah, spring came and I got distracted...you know how that can happen right?

Anyway...during the fun Olympic bits 'meted out yarn quantities/colours so colour changes were balanced without matching.

'Used the brights to enhance the shape of the legs and the darks to minimize more expansive sections.

As ever, 'enjoyed EZ's "Pithy" directions and recalling the origin of each remnant as I knitted it in.

The few runs to work out something for the waist were aimed at getting a low rise to keep bulk to a minimum without sacrificing fit or comfort. I'm happy with what resulted via...

  • Two little "v"'s of extra stitches at the back for extra room where there's extra "me".
  • 12 short rows divided into 2 groups of 6 rows each separated by 4 rounds straight for extra rise at the back. (The downward swoop of the red illustrates the short rows pretty clearly below...

  • 2x2 ribbing started after that point draws in the shape to follow mine in a forgiving, comfortable way.
  • Finally decreased 1" each side then 2" at centre back nipping things in further before adding eyelets and binding off.
  • Eyelets accomplished via binding off the first stitch of each pair of purls in the ribbing on one round, replacing it with a YO on the next round.
  • Atop the eyelets 'used a contrast colour for one round straight before binding off.

I admit I could have fiddled with the fit/rise endlessly lower down on the butt/thigh sections adding decreases and spacing between them to eradicate the need for so much ribbing but EZ's have a wide band of ribbing and honestly, the slightly negative ease of the fit on these is fine so this is how they'll stay.

Prior to giving them their Eucalan bath and blocking I wore them for an hour or so with no issues related to itchiness. After the Eucalan they're softer still, totally comfortable and warm!

Did I also mention these were free? Right down to the drawstring, made entirely from leftovers.

Like I said, lots of fun! Can't wait to wear them!
Thanks for dropping by!


Brendaknits said...

You have given me my laugh of the day. When I saw the first picture, I asked myself - Who in the family is bow-legged?
Guess I know now. :)

Anonymous said...

You are now ready for dog walks in another freezing super-winter!
Congratulations on the very cheerful project.

LynS said...

Love, love, love love, love.

Needles said...

Oh that is just too cool!

Lorraine said...

Marie- Those sure do earn Olympic Gold, and the best part- no one has the same ones.

Steven said...

The perfect use for leftover yarn. These look so cozy! Can't imagine wearing such things in Texas, but I know you'll get good use out of them. And the price is right!

Acorn to Oak said...

These are super cute! What a great use for leftovers!