Harvest Time (con't)

Things are going quite swimmingly on Devlan. Both saddles are complete as is the short row shaping on the shoulders. I'm confident about the fit too but as I approach the cuff of sleeve one, with sleeve two just underway and the neck edge awaiting ribbing, I'm woefully short on yarn.

So my harvesting eye has turned to the Shepherd and Shearer - specifically what you can see above - that too long, too wide cuff hanging out of the coat in this shot from last winter. I'm going to make time for re-working those sleeves now because I need the yarn I'll harvest from the effort!

I knew I was going to be close with Devlan - my calculations based on the weight of the yarn I had on hand told me I only had 50 yards extra but something was amiss there - I'm way short of that. Ah knitting, if it isn't one thing its another!

Speaking of which, fingers crossed and breath held for Stephen over at Knitting Sweaters Sitting Still. He's had an issue with a crochet reinforced steek on the most gorgeous stranded men's vest. Eeeek!

P.S. My "Turkey for Two" (deboned turkey breast around a classic bread stuffing rolled and tied for roasting) was the best turkey I've eaten in my adult life! Thick slices of moist white meat around a core of perfect dressing and it was steaming hot! (Unlike tepid 1/8" slices at a big family dinner relying on gravy to bring them up to luke warm!)


Brendaknits said...

I was thinking of you and your neat and tidy turkey breast last night as I carved the smallest available 10 pound turkey for just the two of us.

Steven said...

Hah! Thanks for the shoutout. And a happy belated Thanksgiving. All seems to be better south of the border. The sewing seems to be holding. In fact, Machrihanish is finished and blocking right now. Pictures and commentary coming soon!