"Maplewood" Mittens FO by Rebecca Blair

Pattern: "Maplewood Mittens" by Rebecca Blair
Source: Doilies are Stylish
Yarn: Remnant Brown Sheep Nature Spun Worsted
Colour: Regal Purple
Source: Romni Wools Toronto
Needles: 4mm dpn
Start: January 22 Finish: June 28, 2014
Modifications: None

In my flurry of mitten making early in the new year I finished one of these mitts and had the second worked past the cuff when I set the project aside to work on my Olympic Knitting Project. In so doing I forgot about this project entirely.

Months later, seeing the pattern in my favourites as if for the first time, I went digging around for the yarn, eager to cast on. Naturally the yarn was no where to be found - among the yarn.! Eventually, while getting current projects ready to go to the cottage, I found the project bag containing these and was shocked to discover a completed cuff on the dpn's. Digging deeper in the bag I became incredulous at finding the first finished mitten rolled up at the bottom.

So I guess its fair to characterize these as an easy, quick (but not very memorable) knit!

I like purple as a pop of colour in winter with black, grey, and surprisingly (to me) I like it very much with brown to which it gives a bit of richness in the dark, cold, colourless months.

The cast on for these was fun - reminiscent of a picot edge with the dark purple toning down the sweetness factor for a more modern, less fussy look better suited to my taste.

On 4mm needles and given the way the chevron detail on the back is structured these will need a second layer underneath for winter wear outside but they'll be okay on their own in the car and be fine in early fall and spring.

A nice little pattern which the 20 something crowd around here unanimously found to be "weird" given the points at the fingertips. On the hand though, they seem much less extreme to me and the gusset thumb of course makes for very comfortable fit.

Another miraculously free pattern generously donated to the knitting community. Aren't knitters fabulous?! Thanks so much Ms. Blair!

Tomorrow, another FO from yesterday's pile!


Lorraine said...

Marie- Purple looks great.

Don't you love it when you "rediscover" something like that?

Acorn to Oak said...


Aline said...

totally inspirational! i love the texture.