Deco The Stubborn Sweater

I posted about this knit last month with the ironic and optimistic title "Getting Deco Done"

I reported I was down to affixing the button band facings but as with almost every aspect of Deco's creation, getting this element right has taken twice as long, required twice the effort as it should have.

It's like it refuses to allow itself to be completed on the first run at any part of it.

Now the length of the buttons bands seems endlessly fluid as I try to get them the same length with the gros grain ribbon facings attached.

I've also visited several stores this summer in search of the clear plastic snaps that close this cardi rather than button holes. They are sold out wherever I might go.

I'm wondering whether to put any emphasis on continuing the search though because there's active reticence on the part of this cardi to close.

I've gone on about before, about seeking the "neat boxy" fit illustrated in the pattern but despite perfect gauge, the near finished knitted piece (the first time I knit it) yielded 4" of negative ease and looked like something a child might wear.

So the second run I went for 4" of positive ease and still will only have something that will likely be skin tight when/if buttoned up.

Being the boss of my knitting as EZ recommends, I guess, in the case of Deco, has limited bounds. Deco is stubborn about what it will and will not be. The only thing left to this knitter, I'm realizing, is to see that at least, better late than never, it will be "done"!


Lorraine said...

Marie- Have you thought about one of those beautiful shawl pins- the stick kind? That way you could close it in different ways, depending on what you wear underneath it.

Brendaknits said...

Funny how when the knitting works out it is due to the knitter. When it doesn't we speak of the knitting as if it has it's own personality.