From my earliest memories "Viyella" was a word my mother and the women in her family used when referring to wool and/or plaid clothing. I didn't understand why but I got it that this Viyella stuff was primo quality.
So its not surprising that decades ago when I found a cast off Viyella robe my mother had worn out at the elbows I harvested the generous bias cut, floor length skirt from it.

Yesterday I re-purposed the fabric which is by now easily 50 years old or so into"new" throw pillow covers for our bed at the cottage.

With a little fiddling I managed to get the selvage edge, complete with what looks like hand stitching to run up the open ends of both pillow cases.

Its a bit worn in places - I might work a duplicate stitch over it to stabilize things. I'll decide when I get them back up north.

I find this kind of thing so satisfying - much more than buying new. Probably not surprising when the matching robe my mother's sister had she re-purposed into matching pants with suspenders for her then toddling baby boys in the 60's. What's that saying about where the proverbial apple falls in relation to the tree?

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Acorn to Oak said...

Wow! You're getting a lot of mileage and use from that robe fabric! The newest creation from it is really cute and useful. I think they look perfect for your cottage! I love making stuff like that. You're right...it's so much more satisfying that buying new. :-)

LynS said...

Viyella was very much a part of my childhood, too. I've never known it applied specifically to plaid (or tartan - plaid's not a very Australian word) but generically to a wool / cotton mix fabric that was often used for 'special' children's clothes or trans-season frocks. My association for it is small florals - maybe there was a Liberty viyella range in the 60s and 70s?

I love your repurposing.

Steven said...

I've never heard this word before -- must not be widely known in the US south. I would never believe that fabric is over 50 years old. The pillows covers you've made with it are all the more beautiful for knowing their background.