Flip Side

We arrived back in town from the cottage last night. Son gone (sniff). Replacement vehicle here (phew) and an extra long weekend at the cottage under our belts.

Sunday was a gorgeous day on the dock working on my double knit mat to the point of exhausting the 4 skeins of yarn I bought as a start for the project. Tomorrow I'm back in the neighbourhood of Romni for a hair cut so I'll be picking up another 4 to yield a mat about 26" x 41" (maybe 5 skeins just to be sure).

Having taken that project as far as I could I picked up Deco again after a year's hiatus. As of this morning the first short row shoulder is done and I'm moving down the sleeve. Maybe.

Its a bit wrinkly where the short rows join the shoulder.  Steam blocking will tell me if I'll be able to get it to lay flat. Oh my goodness I hope I can get it to lay flat!!! I do not want to rip and re-do it again!

I must say I am in love with this yarn - "Tove" by Sandnesgarn sport weight wool. When I bought it at Romni the girl at the cash said Tove was her favourite yarn.

Given the massive selection she sees every day that is saying something. I now know what she meant...nice and sticky with a bit of a halo, a gorgeous fabric knit up but relatively easy to break a single strand..working with it again had me cruising Ravelry and the Brooklyn Tweed website last night for projects calling for "Loft" because it seems like they share similar qualities but the price for "Tove" is vastly better and there's no where in Canada to buy Brooklyn Tweed Yarns.

All this knitting fun over the weekend but the best part was cool nights and chilly mornings saw me keeping warm WEARING TINDER!!!

A scant three years since falling in love with the pattern, taking a while to find a yarn I liked, working Deco (a couple of times) and doing two big knits for My Beloved, now after only about 3 week's dedicated knitting, its just 7 buttons short of an FO post!

A bit ironic, I wanted this long, cozy cardi for cold mornings and evenings taking Number One Son water skiing and we won't be doing any of that this summer. I'm not worried though - skiing will no doubt re-commence once he's back next summer and this sweater will be a wardrobe staple for years to come.

It fits perfectly!!! I wasn't sure I would ever say that about a cardigan for myself but it really does. I have to get Darling Daughter to help with some modeled FO shots.

So tomorrow, after hitting Romni for more Briggs and Little "Super" I'll see about buttons for Tinder and also Deco from one of the many button/textile shops on Queen Street West.

My Beloved's idea for me to have my hair cut next to Romni was brilliant. Two birds with one stone! Without the need to do both I'd likely get around to neither this very short week!

Btw a special thank you to those who left comments on my last post!. I wasn't sure anyone would even see it!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Brendaknits said...

If you were to share the name of your hairdresser, we could probably make him/her a rich person - all the knitters going from Romni to get a haircut. LOL about anyone still reading after a hiatus. I feel the same - wonder if anyone is still out there.

Needles said...

Waves,. Me me me.

I'm another Tove lover. It ranks really high, which is a good thing considering the vast quantity in my stash.

Lorraine said...

I love Tove- it's a nice yarn for the price point.

Do you get your hair cut at Harlots?

Anna said...

You've inspired me to get my Tinder out of hibernation but I'm stuck on the decreases trying to stay in pattern, was hoping you'd posted a few more pictures! Will abandon it again for tonight after ripping out 13 rows and go looking for pictures tomorrow when I will have the laptop on! Love the colour of yours, mine is dark brown cotton.