Should have included a pic of "Dirty Blankie" the other day...

Here's a link to a first hand account about a new female Shearer trained with the help of funds from Shepherd and Shearer. Seem's they're planning a second go around of the Shepherd/Shearer program this year!

Have you seen the new Spring issue of "Wool People" from Brooklyn Tweed? Here's the super fun teaser video. Here's the actual collection. An ingenue and a more mature woman modeling. I love many of the patterns but only the ones on the younger girl. Happy coincidence? Wishful thinking? Denial? A bit of both?!

I attended an Afternoon Tea yesterday - beautifully executed with lovely little tea sandwiches, fresh baked scones, clotted cream and berries and vanilla tea that was the perfect accompaniment to everything. Look at the lovely little personalized gift bags at each of our places!

Will do my second sowing of peas today and will start some pole beans in pots for transfer when/(if?) it warms up out there.

Every day this week, including yesterday, MAY FIRST, I had painfully cold hands while walking the dog - being optimistic and wearing gloves instead of wool mitts! MAY FIRST! At least it makes getting back into my regular knitting habit easier! (As do Raptor's playoff games - WE THE NORTH!)

So despite the ice going out the other day at the lake we won't be opening the cottage for a while. We're hearing there is still a lot of frost in the ground but where its melted the soil is saturated with water that can't run off through the surrounding frozen land so cars and especially trucks/SUV's are sinking into gravel cottage roads/driveways/launch ramps etc. up to their axels. We'll wait until things thaw and dry out a bit.

'Not like I can't amuse myself around here anyway! (Is that Deco calling my name?)

Finally, lest I've led you to believe Hudson's trims make him too "precious" to go out and just be a dog everyday - this is the typical "look" he sports after an afternoon romp with his pals if the weather is at all damp. Here he's demonstrating his "On the Mat!" trick where he stays by the door until I've cleaned him up and released him to race about checking the house for any new developments that may have occurred while we were out.

Have a great weekend everybody!


Acorn to Oak said...

What a good boy he is to wait until he's cleaned up to run around the house. Isn't it funny how they always do that to see what's new or what they can get into?! lol Have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

Yes clotted cream, berries and vanilla tea would indeed be excellent!
I love the cheerful bright tea cup - did everyone use a different tea cup or did they match?
We can really use more signs of spring.

Brendaknits said...

Just to make you jealous, down here in Baltimore it was 70'f today. Sunny too.

Steven said...

Good trick! Our dogs have always had a "release the hounds!" mentality -- they only go through doors at lightning speed. We try to do cleanup outside, when we can. They're slippery little things!