Whatever Gets You Through the Night - Knitting Motivation courtesy of John Lennon and Sir Elton

I'm struggling to re-adopt my knitting "habit" or break my current habit of not knitting! Its like getting back to regular exercise after a hiatus. (And unlike exercise I adore knitting!)

'Don't need a sword to cut down flowers, 's'alright, s'alright...

I am making progress though by "nibbling" on only the most appealing bits until I'm sufficiently motivated to take a big "bite".

Do it wrong or do it right, s'alright, s'alright...

It may not be the best way to start, I'm not undertaking the most pressing task I'm only doing whatever I feel like for as long as I feel like doing it. The only thing I hold myself to is I can't wholeheartedly walk away for more than a brief time before I have to take another run at whatever catches my fancy about it.

'Don't need a watch to waste your time, s'alright, s'alright...

Over the weekend this approach had me grabbing what I currently think of as "Dirty Blankie".

It's very dirtiness is the thing that appeals as its a product of the knit's beginnings during the wickedly hot, dry summer of 2012 - it even retains a whiff of that unmistakable scent of sun screen. I'm drawn to the memory of that heat in this late, cool spring of our long cold winter.

Dirty Blankie is also close to completion. With thirty repeats of the the pattern now done, I added a marker as a reminder of progress made and the proximity of the end a few repeats hence.

'Don't need a gun to blow your mind, s'alright, s'alright...

This weekend My Beloved has proposed a trip to visit various elements of his family a couple of hours from here. The prospect is not appealing but just this morning I'm finding myself thinking "at least I can knit on Dirty Blankie!"

With Lennon and Elton ringing in my ears memories of heat and the prospect of completion  are spurring me on.

Whatever gets you through the night, s'alright, s'alright!

Here's the video that put this song in my head - so amazing to think of John Lennon dropping into a shirtless Elton John's Madison Square Garden Concert on Thanksgiving Day. Yoko is sitting stonily cool amidst the adoring dancing fans and in just a few weeks Lennon would be dead. Whatever we're up to its so important to enjoy every minute and make sure we fill our lives with the things that gratify us isn't it?

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Lorraine said...

That was one of those moments- I remember listening to CFNY and they announced he had been shot.