2 Teeny, Tiny Preemie Hats by Cheryl Andrews FO

Pattern: Teeny, Tiny Preemie Hats by Cheryl Andrews
Source: Free Ravelry Pattern
Yarn: Remnant Koigu Premium Merino
Colour: 1010
Needles: 2.75 dpns
Start:November 23 Finish: December 3, 12013
Modifications: None 

This is a great pattern suitable for even the tiniest early arriver in a whole range of little sizes. (I cross referenced the pattern with on-line charts for typical head sizes according to gestational age.) I liked the idea expressed by the designer in the pattern that even if the gifts were too small that could well serve to give the new parents hope and optimism - that their wee little one was actually too big for something.

My Cousin and his wife were expecting identical twin boys when, early last month, Number One Son and I were in NYC staying with them. Being identical twins there was a chance the babies could be born any time so I decided to make a couple of these little caps to take along in case the babies made an appearance while we were there.

I made these up using remnant Koigu. It has a smooth, hairless finish and soft, superwash texture. I may well stash some in future for last minute baby knitting. In this instance it did not disappoint. I also loved the marled pale blue and white colourway for wee baby boys.

As it turned out, the babies stayed put and the hats stayed in my suitcase, returning with me 10 days later when we went back down for Christmas. The day after our arrival the twins were born on Christmas Eve and after time in two NICU wards with his boys, I showed my Cousin the hats and sure enough he was pleased they were too small. When we saw him again the next day on a break from the Hospital with his older son he said he had seen babies there for whom the fit would be good. So he took them and the next day dropped them off there to cover a couple of impossibly small heads.

Best of all, now, when non-knitters who learn I knit ask if I make things for hospitals, I can finally say Yes!

Up next....details on the sweaters I made for the twins. Thanks for dropping by today!


Brendaknits said...

Very cute and very nice yarn. Such a comforting though about making something too small for the little ones.

Acorn to Oak said...

Good story and such a sweet little hat. :-)

Steven said...

Hard to believe anyone's head could ever be that small -- and still be too big!