Shearer Step Ten - The Collar

3" of 2x2 ribbing atop stitches picked up to visually incorporate the cable elements into the collar.
I'm getting more and more confident with with knitted "lying"!
"Live" stitches atop the collar sewn  to the stitches picked up at the collar's base...
I like how the doubled collar compliments the "beefy" scale of the almost 46" sweater. (4" pos. ease)

I'm thrilled with how...

...the cable elements open outwards to frame the collar and of course, ultimately, the face above it.
...seeming to flow into the collar rather than appearing truncated in deference to fit or structure.
The back neck is just the right additional height above the front.

Yup I'm thrilled with how this bit turned out! (Kinda makes up for the grafting issues.)

So now I'm onto the short rows of the sleeves. (Pics to post on that tomorrow.) I'm placing them amid the 2x2 ribbing either side of the sleeve cables which need to be worked from the chart top to bottom - a bit tricky, after working the charts bottom up for a month, 'have to turn off the "autopilot" and stay conscious enough to work them backwards!

(5 weeks in - just gotta keep going - almost there!)


Lorraine said...

Marie- That's the sign of great design work. I love when the cables flow, and all it takes is a bit of advance planning.

Love it.

Brendaknits said...

It is wonderful, Marie. It sure shows how attention to detail can elevate the FO to a level of perfection that is missing in many.

Acorn to Oak said...

That sweater is incredible!

Sandra said...

nice job on matching the cables. That's one of the small things that turns a "sweater" into an "heirloom".