Shearer Step Six - Cable Cable Cable

Three weeks in. (Two weeks actual knitting time) and the back's worked as far as the bottom of the collar and the front to the midst of decreases for the sleeves. A bit behind where I wanted to be by now but nothing I can't make up.
6.0mm needle used on left portion - 5.5 used on right.
I moved to a 6mm from 5.5mm for this front panel to yield a slightly more ample midriff section. I prefer the more closely knitted back but its nonetheless the right thing to do for fit across the front.

The thoughtful bits are now close on the horizon

  • saddle shoulders with short row shaping
  • sorting out collar details
  • knitting and reworking the sleeve charts for a top down approach.

I'd like to try installing the collar before the sleeves (a la Asplund). As My Beloved's suitcase will barely have time to air out between long trips this month I'd prefer to have everything around the collar and shoulders nailed during his next brief "visit" home and then only have to work the sleeves while he's gone.
So I just need to keep on cabling! Every spare moment I have plus a bit later each evening than I'd like and an hour earlier each morning - easier now after the time change!
This yarn is truly glorious and oh so "creamy" (as EZ would say)

I mentioned this project to a non-knitter the other day and within moments I think she was hallucinating with boredom so its really gratifying you've taken the time to drop by! How fun it is to imagine people are following along with me on this.

Number One Son's coming home tonight after submitting a big paper today and no doubt having pulled a couple of recent all nighters. I'm bracing my self to see a gaunt, pale creature and cooking up both a hearty dinner and things for him to take back to school to consume in coming days. Its going to eat into my knitting time tonight but I have to admit I'm looking forward to feeding him!

Happy Knitting everyone!


Acorn to Oak said...

It's gotten tricky to comment on your blog. There was nowhere to click "comment' on the post. I discovered that i needed to close the post and re-open it from the main part of the blog. Then, there was a comment section. I've just clicked "like" recently because it's all I could figure out. :-) I'm interested to see what this looks like when it's all done. It looks like a lot of knitting so I'm thinking it must be a coat or long sweater. That's a lot of intricate cabling. Incredible! Enjoy! :-)

Sandra said...

Lovely stuff! Nothing like cream coloured cables. And I have the same problem with commenting - I can never be the first commenter! I always have to wait for someone else to jump in, then it opens to me...