Shearer Step Eight - Blocking Front and Back Panels

Last Thursday evening I wet blocked the two completed panels to the exact specified measurements.
While I was at it I made sure all the cable elements were straight up and down. Then I pinched each "rope" along its length from bottom to top to ensure each would seem plump and uniform.

Then I turned a small fan on over the blocking board and indulged in knitting colourful mittens,  long neglected in the basket, because there was nothing to be done on Shearer until it was dry. A guilt-free break from a month of knitting monogamy. That felt good!

The pieces blocked beautifully just as Lorraine had assured me in the comments they would. I only had to pull a few T-pins out to see how right she was -  the wet stretched fabric stayed exactly where I'd placed it to dry - perfectly aligned with the desired measurements.

Everything was ready to go for grafting the shoulders and working the collar Friday night (and maybe a bit into the wee hours of Saturday morning) I took my time with the grafting and with how the 2x2 ribs of the collar would arise out of the front and back panels. More on that anon!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Sandra said...

nice to know I'm not the only one who plumps up her cables! SHearer is looking fine!

Steven said...

Oh, the detail! This is looking quite fine. I'd never thought to plump up cables before drying -- such a good idea.