Comments chez Sel and Poivre have recently been difficult/spotty/impossible because, I suspect, of my use of what Blogger calls a "Dynamic" template. (It makes the home page feature those spinning/flipping images.) So I've gone back to  a Template they call "Simple" where the comment option should be consistently present.

And speaking of comments - for anyone interested in reading on - here's mine on our "Mayor" (title only - lets face it, for months, if not years we haven't had a functioning one).

Why does his family support and facilitate the public spectacle of his personal spiral? Why don't they get him into rehab? Further, how can they let his children continue to witness and endure this?

His almost daily bizarre behaviours dominate the media but what about the racist and homophobic slurs he spouts during his public episodes of drunkenness?

His substance abuse is an illness. His intolerance just "sick".  Dry, clean and sober he's unfit to lead the city he says he loves. But then, if he's using his own family's demonstration of what "love" looks like he's got a pretty poor example to follow.

As for the next election - I don't think we need to worry about Robbie for that one - on his current path how can he still be in any shape to participate in that one?

I'm not concerned about Toronto - an amazing city on a fantastic run of growth and urban development, the trajectory and momentum of which is well beyond the impact of any one poor addict, whatever office he might occupy.

Okay that's my comments on that topic closed. But hopefully the comments re knitting will henceforth be open around here! Fingers crossed!


Sandra said...

Yay! I can be the first to comment!
so true what you said. Ford is a spoiled rich kid, who grew up bullying others, and continues that kind of behaviour now. He doesn't bother with anyone else's opinion, only his own. What is scary is how many people still support him! He may not be MY mayor, but he reflects badly on everyone in the GTA. Won't be sorry to see the back of him (and his brother).
And I look forward to more knitting! (Especially cream coloured cables - so yummy!)

Steven said...

And I'll be second! Glad this is working -- but sorry you had to alter your cool format for it to work.

You're right -- Toronto is certainly bigger and better than any wackiness that the mayor might crank out. I love your city -- it's where we were married! -- and I know it will persevere.

Anonymous said...

And I thought it was just my Luddite tendencies preventing me from adding comments ...
I wish the city council had acted some time ago to limit the mayor's budget or whatever else they can do. Let's make the bullying and possibly criminal behaviour stop now!
I look forward to your sweater updates. The healing power of knitting.
p.s. imagine if the mayor had learned to knit as a child. no let's not.

Brendaknits said...

Thanks for the switch back to 'simple'. Don't know what it says about your readers though. LOL.

I am of mixed opinion about Rob Ford. Obviously people that hold public office are held to a higher standard. But - is he the only crack smoking, acholohol addicted person holding public office in Toronto? I doubt it. Has he done any good things for the city? I imagine so. Transparency, imposed by the media and by social media, has given us a glimpse of things we previously never knew were happening. Which way of things is better?
And although he is an embarassment, I would still rather have problems of an embarassing nature than some of the issues others around the world endure. That's my rant.

Sel and Poivre said...

I couldn't agree more Brenda that there is probably much we just don't know about - after all politicians are only human but I want to be clear, what I believe makes him unfit to represent an enlightened, modern electorate is the hatred (racism and homophobia) in his world view that comes out when he's drunk.

I don't see those things as embarrassing. They are just wrong.

Anonymous said...

I really intend to stick to the knitting comments in future.
I think the Fords actually hate Toronto and want to wreck the city for anyone who is interested in culture or can't pay for what they need themselves.
Maybe what the Fords will do for Toronto is get us talking about and acting on what we really need in municipal leadership in the future.
That could be a very positive outcome as we leave them and their offensive ways in the dust.
OK back to knitting!

Michelle said...

Just catching up on your blog. I must say I absolutely agree with what you wrote about Ford back in November. Unfortunately over Christmas I met up with family far and wide throughout the GTA and it appears he does have a ton of sympathy and people willing to still vote for him.

I haven't been an active blogger in the past months (years!) as I've moved house, had a gorgeous little baby, and have another one on the way. So not as much time for knitting or blogging. But I always enjoy your posts. Happy New Year to you!