Shepherd and Shearer Step Two - Scheming and Planning an Heirloom

The premise of the Shepherd and Shearer was to by provide hand knitting wool and pattern(s) that when put together would transcend time, wear and the vicissitudes of fashion. In short, a hard wearing, long lasting classic.

With more than a few family heirlooms already in the cedar chest, I'm aware the "company" my Shearer will someday keep in there is rarified. So I want it to look good even to people who might hold it in their hands and pull it over their heads saying "where did this come from?" while their only other knowledge of me is perhaps a faded photo (hopefully not one from the 70's or 80's!).

This is leading me to attempt to follow the inspired example of knitter and blogger Asplund. Specifically his recent men's pullovers such as this and this.

Hence I'm playing with the pattern...
  • Adding ribbing that flows into cables wherever possible and fudging things where it won't.
  • Substituting a higher, narrower, more classic neckline with greater length up the back rather than the wider, symmetrical neckline of the pattern and then knitting it double, tacking it down on the inside.
  • Knitting the sleeves top down, starting with a shoulder strap and then picking up along the edges of the arm scythe, finally sewing the shoulder strap into place at the end.
...and whatever else I dream up while swatching over the weekend.

I'm actually using math and scrawling my own little diagrams to make sure I'm not acting without understanding what I'm doing, or not going to do. I find this exercise boring but in short bursts its manageable and I hope worthwhile.

To all my Canadian friends, Happy Thanksgiving Weekend! Last night in a restaurant I overheard someone explaining to man from South America that Canadian Thanksgiving marks the end of summer - cottage closing and the like whereas American Thanksgiving marks the start of the Christmas holiday season. I've never thought of that juxtaposition but it is an accurate description isn't it?

Thanks for dropping by - have a great weekend!


Steven said...

All those modifications! They make my heart flutter. I have every confidence that you know what you're doing, however. Can't wait to see what you come up with. And thanks for reminding me about Asplund Knits -- I've added him to my feed reader.

Lorraine said...

I have to agree, that the classics are the best way to go. They never date, always look beautiful and transcend fads and styles.

It will be a joy for you- from start to finish.