Shepherd and Shearer Step One - Washing

I am pretty sure the mail man's van was still in the front of the house as I snapped this picture on the back porch...
I know this because he was just pulling out as I raced past the front door and down to the laundry room moments later to drop all of my newly arrived, sticky with lanolin and shot through with hay, skeins (save one for purposes of comparison!) into a sink full of SOAK and water...
A little over an hour later after the SOAK, a vinegar and water rinse to close the wool cuticles, a squeeze, a wrap and press between towels, the skeins were on their way to drying. (The photo above is deceiving - after both the SOAK and the rinse the water in the sink was positively milky with lanolin.
Below, on the left, the comparison skein -  with the skein on the right and the whole background showing the loftier and lighter end product of washing and drying. Amazing!

 And finally, with a lapsed time of about 18 hours since the stuff arrived, a centre pull ball wound and ready for swatching!
Meanwhile last evening I stayed up way too late scheming as to how I would approach the Shearer pattern. I have a few modifications in mind...

On top of it all, a long weekend at the cottage on the horizon! Thanks for dropping by - its nice to be able to tell this tale to an understanding audience. 'Seems no one (except Hudson!) found deep sniffs of lanolin vs washed wool to be very compelling. Their loss! 

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