"Shearer" demands cerebral attention so post-Dog Obedience Class last night, I enjoyed mindless knitting on what's becoming a mitred project with a second pair of EZ Mitred Mittens in Crimson worsted because I'm....

  1. Hesitant to snip an afterthought thumb hole into the Biscotte & Cie version without any sense as to how location and execution in this pattern might play out
  2. Admittedly interested in working a pair with a few mods from Pair #1.

With 64 stitches cast on instead of EZ's prescribed 48 I'll get additional width for my boxy hands but I know I'll have to release the thumbs from the mitten palms before knowing whether the 64 stitch "recipe" is the one for me.

Truth be told, mittens aren't the only EZ mitres I've been playing with - 'seems her concepts, grounded in experimentation inspire me to experiment too - anyway I've also worked up a "Ganomy" Hat - more miters yielding unique and practical shaping. (With Darling Daughter back from "over the pond" my camera is also back so I'll be able to share shots of that with you tomorrow.)

Tonight is the DKC presentation of new and exciting yarns for the 2013/14 season. I plan to arrive early and get raffle tickets a-plenty. The door prizes at this meeting are always fabulous. One time I won enough Bulky Alpaca to make this! With lots of prizes, 150 or so knitters in the room, not all of whom buy tickets, the chances are pretty good - as are the causes the DKC supports with the proceeds so I'm off to fill up my wallet with loonies and twonies from the change jar in preparation.

Thanks for dropping by eh?

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