Maybe the Knit Gods Know Best

Remember this...

A bit big at the start - after several wearings and My Beloved having shed a few pounds in recent months, now, a LOT big - longer, baggier, frankly all the way to sloppy.

My Beloved doesn't "do" sloppy but he knows I'm watching to see if that knit gets worn so one day he offered to "help me roll the all balls of yarn"  if I wanted to rip, skein, wash and re-knit the thing. As generous as that offer was, I said "thanks" but No.

I decided instead to run a long seam from the cuff to the hem via the underarm and see if I couldn't make the thing more wearable. If it worked, honestly, I was ready to just chop out the excess and call it a day.

First though, a bath. In a sweater bag, with other knits all in their own bags, on the delicate setting. The other knits came out as they always do - just fine. The behemoth sweater, though, felted like there was no tomorrow. (I'm assuming the beast, too big for even the largest sweater bag, suffered excessive rubbing in confined quarters.)

When I discovered it I smoothed it out as best I could - even had to separate the insides of the sleeves that were on they way to becoming one, then I laid it out to dry.

This morning in the wee dark hours before he left for work he quickly tried it on. I'll have to get a picture of it to post later but let me tell you it now fits like a dream.  Even the sleeve length is dead on. He's thrilled and probably relieved he can now demonstrate my efforts knitting for him are appreciated.

The Knit Gods protected the sizing as they sacrificed my hand wrought stitches for the good of the garment and the marital bliss between its maker and recipient!

Oh well, knitting "love" being as fickle as it is, I'll just have to focus on "Shearer" and forget about poor "Ranger's" shift from drapey, fluid if unwearable "sophistication" to stiff, serviceable and probably oft-worn popularity.



Mary Keenan said...

WOW - and the fabric you got from the felting is even more gorgeous than the original! (which was already pretty fantastic.) Bet you'll have some really lovely fall strolls together with that cardi on display :^)

Lorraine said...

Marie- I am so happy when it all works out. May he wear it for many years.


Lara said...

I'm going to take a page from the "onward" philosophy as I need it.