Like Winning a Little Lottery

Yesterday morning the phone rang - yes we still have a land line - we're really antique that way and we are kind of fussy about being able to call 911 even if there's a blackout - anyway it was a woman from the neighbourhood who I chat with when we encounter each other walking our dogs.

She said she kind of remembered me saying sometime, in passing, that I knit. She wondered if I might have something called a "stitch marker" that she could borrow.

I said, yes, I did, but that if she was just starting out with knitting that plastic stitch markers were prone to bouncing away under furniture or between cushions on the chesterfield, often never to be seen again and so she might want to try making a yarn or string marker for herself.

..."that's exactly what's happened to my marker!" she shrieked as if I was clairvoyant. You mean you only had one? I asked.

She explained she was currently re-learning to knit after many, many years away from it, was taking a class, had been give materials for the project that included a single lone stitch marker. She had been working on her homework, the stitch marker flew off the needle and she couldn't locate it - anywhere. I think she was a little pleased when I told her her plight was one that befalls experienced knitters all the time. (Experienced knitters just have piles of markers always at hand to compensate! I didn't share that last bit - she'll figure that out for herself.)

Of course I offered to help any time she ran into trouble.

A new knitter in my neighbourhood! How fun is that? 'Feels like winning a little lottery it does!


Acorn to Oak said...

That's really cool! I often wonder if anyone in my neighborhood knits. I haven't found any yet.

Brendaknits said...

How wonderful is that? Funny story though.

Lorraine said...

Marie- Did you tell her it went to the abyss of stitch markers, never to be seen again?

Where do they go?