Twined `Zen Mittens` FO

Yarn: 1 Skein Cascade 220 Heathers
Colour: 9489
Source: Romni Wools Toronto
Start:June 21 Finish: August 11, 2013

'Just in time for a mini September heat wave here in Toronto I've got another pair of finished mittens to post.`Seems`s to be a year of mittens for me - 6 pairs in the past 12 months, 5 of them "Twined".

As I've said before I don`t enjoy this technique but none of the other twined mitts I've made were for me and the finished product is so superior I had to make another set if I wanted to some to wear myself.

(For the record, I did ask My Beloved if he would like a pair of his own too and I was prepared to work some up for him but he says he doesn't need any at the moment. Phew!)

These "go" with the hat Zen Garden hat made with gifted yarn from Number One Son.
However, the mitts are knit with a skein of Cascade 220 Heathers - more practical for mittens intended for wear during two hours of daily dog walking holding onto a leather leash all winter long - Zen does not make me feel "Zen" when I think of the price of that stuff - 'better to keep it safely on my head!

A braid at the wrist incorporates a hit of the remnant oatmeal coloured worsted used in the hat. 'Love It - especially with the traditional twisted bit that manages the ends remaining after CO 'looking like little barber shop poles.
The cuff above the braid is plain, defined at the top with a hook stitch border.
Then up the back of the mitt - hook stitched diamond shapes of varying design - again nodding to the hat.

Oooo a hat and mitten set. `Hope I don`t look too matchy matchy out there with Hudson in the snow next winter. Even if I do I know he won't mind!

Thanks for dropping by today!


Brendaknits said...

I love your mittens, Both the Twined and the Pinions. The Pinions are indeed very graphic and modern. Great for a young guy. And the twined - I just wonder if I would have hte patience to do them.

Lorraine said...

It's nice to have the mittens and hats done before you need them. Of course, this heat wave is disgusting, but soon it will be time to wear them.