Sporty Striped Peds by Purl Soho FO

 Pattern: Sporty Striped Peds
Source Purl Soho Blog
Size: One Size
Yarn: Koigu KPM
Colour: Main1010 Lot: 17 Contrast: Remnant Sheldridge Farm Sock "Cornflower"
Needles: 2.75 dpn's
Start: August Finish: August 2013
Modifications: None

These weren't the first of my summertime FO's but the first and only summer-style knits to come off my needles this year so I thought I'd kick off my "what I knit this summer" posts with them.

This pattern is super fun and super quick with a very satisfying end result.They're are cute and the fit is perfect. Just like the last piece I made using a free Purl pattern. And you certainly can't beat the price!

These work up with 6 rounds of ribbing then three knit rounds and just like that you're on to the heel!

Speaking of the heel, I tried something fun - I put the carry overs on the right side rather than across the back. With the ever so slight variation in the colouration of the Koigu it reminds me of blue and white gingham. Talk about summery!

I knit these as a break after a concerted push to restart Deco and get it back to the shoulders. (I will not be posting about that thing until its finally done!) What a change to go from woolley wool to the round, fuzz-free Koigu! It felt like I was working with cotton string!

Once again, as I've done a few times recently I used the colourway shown in the pattern. I'm not sure why I'm starting to do that more but at least I changed up the colour of the stripes - in this case using just one instead of five colours.

I bet I make more of these in the future. As usual I knit these for myself they'd make a great quick knit gift!

Thanks for dropping by!

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Sandra said...

Adorable! I really should make some shortie socks with some leftovers...