As I finished toe two on the Tyroleans (they're currently in their pre "debut" bath) I indulged in vicarious casting on to the point where I couldn't settle on just one project to start.

So during the final new episode of Foyle's War last evening, arms aching from two big days in the garden pruning shrubs I cast on for two...

#1 The planned twined mitts to match my newly finished Zen Hat.

#2 Pair two of Resoleable Socks from Interweave's Favorite Socks. (The book attributes the pattern to two adaptations of EZ's Moccasin Socks by Wayne Pfeffer adapted by Anne Merrow for the book.)

I like the characterization of "adapting" better than "inspired by". To me it assigns the original design idea to the one who came up with it rather than someone who tweeks details and releases it as their own. Do you notice how often that kind of stuff pops up on Ravelry? It seems the original designers don't make any objection at all.

Anyway so I now have two new projects. Two times the Cast Ons for two times the fun this week.

Happy Monday! Thanks for dropping by!


Lorraine said...

My arm is sore from cutting back the jungle of shrubs and trees in the backyard- most of it from the neighbors side. Must be all the rain we're getting.

Brendaknits said...

The quote about adapted from vs inspired by is interesting. I think I am on the other side of the fence on that one. When I see 'adapted from' - I always think - what the heck was wrong with the original.. but when I see inspried by - I always think - isn't that nice that so and so inpired this knitter. Always surprised meto know that what seems/seemed so obvious to me is viewed differently by another. Such a world, eh?