Knitter's Spring

Last evening after a dark, cool, dreary day, I retreated to the TV, with new projects in tow, looking for mental respite from the lousy weather.

I turned on the Golf Channel to see what was going on at the U.S. Open. (I love knitting while watching Masters' Tournaments - the manicured verdant fairways and greens 'so "Edenesque".) But last night every interview was from beneath a Golf umbrella with the loud sound of rain drumming upon it.

Change the channel, 'see how the Jays are doing...ah baseball, summer's game, that'll feel nice to watch for a bit....but you can't really see the game being broadcast. The field is shrouded in dense fog.

How about flipping around to see what else is on...oh here's an ad for the Jersey Shore encouraging tourism in the wake of Perfect Storm Sandy.

Sigh. Climatologists told us this would happen. There's no escaping it, even watching TV. They were right. What are we going to do?

I glanced down at the work in hand and thought "at least its good for knitting", then "hey we're having a Knitter's Spring!". 

'Not too hot to hold needles and wool yarn. No trouble dreaming of the prospects of mittens or cozy socks and sweaters. My wardrobe of knits are getting more than usual wear - wool scarves and fingerless gloves for morning walks with Hudson and more often than not donning a wool cardigan when we get home.

So what's ahead today? More crazy weather? Yup but its also going to be another perfect Knitter's Spring Day! That's how I'm going to look at it. (I'm also going to walk to the store for a few groceries and leave the car at home!)

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Brendaknits said...

Hee Hee - Denise from Pins & Needles said almost the same thing about our crazy un-spring-like spring weather this year. Takes a knitters to se the good in cool rainy days.

Sandra said...

COnsidering I have an Icelandic sweater due for July 1, I'm ok with a "Knitter's Spring". Although I much prefer steamy hot summer weather...