By the looks of the morning this is NOT going to be a "Knitter's Spring" day. Instead its going to be a gorgeous day in June - sunny, comfortable with little humidity. Ahhhhh!

This is the first June in a couple of decades I've not had a child in school and so not had to navigate/manage the likes of...
Academic year end meetings, parties, concerts, report cards and teacher interviews, information nights for the upcoming school year, recitals, trips, graduations, playdays, track meets, proms, teacher/coach/instructor gifts, sports finals and semis, baking and/or cooking contributions to any and all of the above mixed in with auditions and tryouts and course selection for the next school year. Never mind the "Summer" programs and activities that start before the school year ends, overlapping to an almost cruel degree the frenzied finishing up of the stuff that's been going on since the previous September.

...the June stuff.

So I decided to embrace my "new" June this year.

Instead of making food for school events or pot luck suppers related to the kid's activities I'm making lovely light dinners for us here at home enjoying seasonal ingredients like Rhubarb, Asparagus, Scallops, Mint, Peas, Lamb and Lemon. I'm taking time to set the table in the garden where the floral action's in full swing after a sip (or two!) of wine on the patio where I keep an eye on the BBQ.

In time for the start of the month (instead of the end of it) I switched out the linens, pillows, throws, area rugs  to light, bright cool cottons, sisal and rafia. (Okay a couple of times this June we've had to put the furnace or gas fireplace on but the point is things looked like summer!)

Rather than just brute force garden taming I'm indulging, a bit each day, in seeing to the finer details that make a June garden feel luxuriously well tended. (You know sweeping path edges and fluffing up the soil, plucking wee tiny weeds just as they emerge - that kind of stuff - as if there's a staff seeing to it - the staff happens to be me but still, luxurious!)

All this while prepping the dog for the next Obedience trial in a couple of weeks and knitting and hunting down yarn for summer projects at the lake and I even plan to get out to the DKC meeting next week!

It feels like a triumph. I wouldn't change Junes passed for anything but we did them up big to the point of being "done" so now I can move on happily and in full appreciation of what this June offers...

Today, after our walk, Hudson and I are headed for the grooming table. Everyone's out for dinner this evening leaving me to enjoy leftovers, knitting and "sipping" on the patio taking in the garden views with a clean fluffy dog at my feet!

June - I'm loving it!


Brendaknits said...

Oh those Junes of the past. I can remember being just as busy/tired in June as in the December, pre Christmas rush. I too love my quiet Junes now but don't do nearly as much gardening as you do.

Acorn to Oak said...

Your June sounds wonderful! Sounds like you're set for a wonderful evening too. Happy grooming to you and Hudson! :-)