"Annual Calendar" notwithstanding, my "year" runs from the day after Labour Day to the end of June.

This past "year",  for the first time since '06/'07, I look back and "see" progress and net gains - not losses and endings beyond my control to address, manage, process and accept.

My plan for June worked out nicely - I even managed to enjoy it day by day as I worked this week to organize things for July and August. A huge accomplishment for me!

This weekend I'll shift to the cottage full time so I've set up house and garden to continue to "support life" for those still working in the city without the benefit of ...well... me. The list on my desk against that task, as of this morning, is resplendent with check marks. Wahoo!

Now everything hasn't been done to perfection as I imagine it. Satisfaction can't always be about making everything the best it can be. I've learned to recognize "good enough" and then, to occasionally leave it at that and be happy. I've learned this makes the people around me much happier than the perfection I naturally prefer.

Happy! No small accomplishment. Never permanent except as a goal. But right now "Happy" is how things are!

Whatever your July/August holds I hope "Happy"'s in there for you!


Acorn to Oak said...

Ahhhh....happy! A very nice place to be! Have a wonderful time at the cottage! :-)

Lorraine said...

I remember spending long weeks at the cottage- and we are so lucky to have beautiful places to go.

I hope the happiness continues.