Last week I had my little wake up moment when I realized I would have to rip and re-knit Deco a couple of sizes larger.

I didn't want to do it right away, however, because the pattern calls for facing the button bands with ribbon and I wanted to purchase that trim with visual reference in hand for an informed decision. (At least the thing, as knit, was useful for something!)

As part of a larger yarn crawling day I stopped in at Mokuba on Queen West last Wednesday. The best store for ribbons in the city (as far as I know). Mokuba's across the street, roughly midway between Romni and Americo.

Its visually clean and uncluttered, impeccably organized and the staff are blessedly detached (in my opinion) leaving one to browse without interruption. They make no effort to engage or gush. "Clinical" would be an apt description. Faced with thousands of options, clinical allows me to keep a cool head - important as I considered...
  • Polka Dots to give visual relief to the strong linear elements of the cardigan's design? Nah to busy.
  • Plaids to nod to the Scottish Designer Kate Davies? The colours were wrong.
  • Floral prints to accomplish both of the above? Too girly for me.
  • Velvets and brocades? Too heavy.
  • Muted shades? No, they brought out the olive component in the yarn to the point of making it drab.
  • Kitchy, funky graphic patterns in ideal colour combinations? 'Didn't suit the sweater.
After considering all these options (and more - how about stretchy ribbon?) I happily chose this...

It enlivens the springtime green of the yarn (even more than I can capture in a picture - this yarn wants to photograph "grey".) I love how the sheen of the ribbon offsets the haze of the knit's wooliness. Picking up this trim was a bright spot of fun amid the storminess of now needing to frog.

In happy sock news though, I'm closing in on the heel!

Thanks for dropping by!


Acorn to Oak said...

I like your ribbon choice. I think it'll work great without detracting from your beautiful sweater.

Those socks are...gasp...gorgeous! The details are great and I LOVE the color!

Happy frogging and knitting!

Lorraine said...

I'm glad you mentioned the hovering of sales clerks- I like ones that ask if I need help and then will go away until you have a question. I have walked out of many stores because of the salespeople's pushiness.

Love the pale green.

Steven said...

Beautiful ribbon and the perfect choice - although I appreciated you outlining your through process through all the other options. And sorry about having to rip out your lovely sweater. I've been there. It's painful, but one must do what must be done.
[I'm having a devil of a time commenting on your blog via iPad -- must be some sort of Flash issue. But I'm still reading!]

Brendaknits said...

I love your ribbon choice. Very sophisticated. There are many shops which could benefit from teaching the staff how to exercise benign neglect.

TrishD said...

Could not agree more re sales clerks leaving shoppers alone. No one has taught them to even read body language when I make it clear that I want to be left alone! Great choice of ribbon though!