Pretty Darn Fine!

What a weekend...

'Opened the cottage in perfect weather and found no incursions of wildlife or water!

Despite very high water levels in the lake our steps were spared any damage - see the high water mark where the "surf" left a line of detritus up to but just short of them? Obviously the wet area marks the current water line.

These two docks are usually even at mid summer. By Labour Day the floater at top often drops as much below the stationary crib dock on which My Beloved is standing as it is currently above.

There was knitting. An interesting and new to me construction of the sleeve cape on four circs...

I was so transfixed as I worked it I knit it wrong side out. (Not as stupid a mistake as I usually make because I did check but when I did took my cue from the wrong side of the fabric which, in Deco is reverse stockinette at the yoke (beside the sleeve cape) but regular stockinette everywhere else.

I think Chicken Pillow beside me noticed the error before I did - don't you think that grin is a bit smug?

I stepped away from the project for a while after that and did a bit of raking up outside. (A crucial part of the ecosystem in Central and Northern Ontario are swarms of biting insects a few weeks in late Spring that feed numerous other species as they raise their young. They don't last past the first hot, dry weather but while they're at their peek (which they have yet to do this year) we don bug jackets when working outside in the brush. I was overly cautious yesterday due to the fragility of having just suffered inside-out-sleeve-cap issues.

Eventually I went back in to undertake the necessary ripping. Last night, home in the city, a correct sleeve cap was produced while watching Foyle's War on TVOntario. We're big supporters (and viewers) of public television from both sides of the border. We'd hardly turn the TV on if it weren't for TVO and WNED Buffalo PBS.
 Oh and also, in case you didn't hear...THE LEAFS WON!

I guess we'll be watching CBC while I knit tonight. Thanks for dropping by!


Steven said...

My weekend was a combination of yard work and knitting, too! The lake looks so calm and peaceful. And that is one judgemental chicken pillow! You might want to turn her around while you're working. It's looking beautiful!

Brendaknits said...

When it's called 'Bush' I think it means no reaking required! But you do look cute in your no bug outfit.

Sandra said...

We have those bug jackets - necessary wear when picking wild blueberries at the cottage. Speaking of cottage - jealous! Other than the long May weekend, we won't be there until late June - too many weekend commitments! But I started getting the yard and gardens at home in shape - it was too nice to stay inside.

Acorn to Oak said...

I'm happy for you to see that cottage season has returned. I know you enjoy it there very much. I love the color of your new knitting project. That chicken pillow is so cute! I like you bug protection outfit...great idea! I've thought of getting something like that for places we camp that have lots of mosquitos. Do the bugs leave Hudson alone? Happy Spring!